Crispy does it

If you love fried food, a deep fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance for you. Whether you're a fry master or a complete beginner looking to make a perfect batch of homemade chips, Russell Hobbs deep fryers are designed to bring convenience, consistency, and big flavours to your kitchen.

The Art of Perfect Frying with Russell Hobbs

Our range of deep fryers is all about making frying at home easy and enjoyable. Whether you're crisping fish and chips or frying delicate calamari, the adjustable thermostats give you perfect temperature control while the viewing windows allow you to keep an eye on your cooking without interruption. No more undercooked centres or overly browned exteriors – just perfect, evenly cooked food every time. 

From the 2.5 litre Maxi Fryer to the generous 3.3 litre Digital Deep Fryer, Russell Hobbs fryers are ideal for family cooking, catering to bustling family dinners and smaller, everyday meals. Their sleek designs are a great fit for any kitchen, blending style and functionality without taking up too much space.

Convenient and Easy to Use

We've also included convenient safety features such as cool touch walls and a handle lifting system, which helps you remove the metal basket safely. The non-stick interiors make for easy serving and cleaning too. After all, the joy of cooking shouldn't be overshadowed by the hassle of cleaning up.

More than Chip Fryers

Master the art of perfect chips with our deep fryers, designed to deliver crispy, golden chips every time. But they're a lot more than just chip fryers. They effortlessly handle a wide variety of recipes. Imagine dishing up succulent chicken wings, golden-brown fish fillets, or crispy onion rings. And for those with a sweet tooth, why not try delicious churros or apple fritters? The possibilities are endless.

A Russell Hobbs Deep Fryer for Every Home

Whether you're craving classic comfort food or looking to try some new recipes, our deep fryers are here to make it happen. Browse our collection of Russell Hobbs deep fat fryers and enjoy the crispy delights of home frying today!

If you love the crispiness of fried food but are looking for a healthier twist, check out our range of Air Fryers. They cook your favourite fried foods with little or no oil, perfect for health-conscious foodies. They do it all with less fat from crunchy fries to tender chicken.

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